SoftSols Integration Services – Agility and Other Systems

Agility is a powerful software platform capable of integrating with many other business systems. We have extensive experience in integrating systems with Agility. Data captured in one system can be transferred through to other systems to create streamlined processes, cost and administration savings and reduced potential for errors.

We have worked on a very diverse range of integration projects: from those involving a simple single interface to the more complex, involving over 10 different systems. Agility’s flexibility enables us to integrate with virtually any other system.

Some examples of System Interfaces Agility can integrate with include:

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Telephony Interfaces
  • MS Exchange Server
  • Accounts/ERP
  • Procurement Systems
  • Active Directory
  • CRM
  • Stock systems
  • GIS/Mapping
  • Planning systems
  • HR systems
  • Handheld applications
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • SharePoint
  • Business Intelligence


If you have an existing business system and want to discuss integration options with Agility then please contact us.

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