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Why Agility

Agility Features

Agility is our latest CMMS, CAFM and IWMS Software Solution. Agility is simple to use yet delivers powerful performance. Agility puts you in control and gives you real-time visibility of your plant, asset, facility and people performance. Agility enables you to manage your available assets and identify and measure any performance issues. Reactive requests, be they to attend production cell A, send for a cleaner to meeting room B or move a patient to operating theatre C, can all be managed in Agility. Planned and scheduled activities for routine motor maintenance and end of quarter services are all visible alongside reactive work, giving you a complete overview of all required activity.

Agility allows you to measure your team’s performance, your suppliers and contractors, against KPI’s or SLA’s

Agility can be used across a wide variety of sectors; Manufacturing, Facilities, Healthcare, Transport and Distribution, Service and Utilities, and by any size of organisation. Agility Case Studies Read how Agility has helped other organisations



We are frequently asked whether Agility can be integrated with an existing internal system.
The answer is simply, ‘Yes’.

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Mobile Solutions

Mobile technologies are moving at a significant rate and we at SoftSols are making sure Agility is available to those on the move.

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Hosted Services

Agility is available as a hosted service. We manage the IT, you simply use the software, accessing our secure servers across the Internet.

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Web based

Unlike other products that are expensive and difficult to use, our system can be deployed to all users through a simple web browser interface that can be customised to your specific needs for a affordable concurrent user based license fee.

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Agility Features

Take a look at how easy Agility is to use and navigate – view our screenshot library

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In less than 10 minutes we will show you how easy managing your maintenance is with Agility!

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Incident reporting

Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses can be reported using Agility.Learn more

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Working with Agility

Asset Maps, drill down charts and reports all make Agility intuitive and easy to use

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