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If you need to provide consistent service to all your customers, accurate details of job status and estimated completion times to keep everyone informed, and increased visibility and control, then you need Agility.


Agility in Service and Utilities

Service and utility providers everywhere are concerned with improved scheduling and response times, controlling work and monitoring its cost, all while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

If you only had to manage a pre-determined schedule it would be easy, but add in emergency calls, repair requests, and after-hour service demands, and now you need a complete effective work management system. Agility can help.

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Agility Capabilities for Service and Utility Providers

Agility enables you to manage all work requests – planned work is visible alongside reactive and emergency calls, so there’s complete transparency of everything that needs to be done. Clear colour coding of work allows you to spot issues before they become problems, prevent accidents before they happen, and track work accurately while identifying improvement areas. Agility allows you to prioritise and schedule repairs and requests into shifts and rotas for your team and external contractors.

Risk assessments are an integral part of your activities. Using configured checklists, assessments can be completed prior to any tasks being started to ensure the environment is safe to proceed. Completed assessments are then stored in Agility for reference and future auditing.

Communicate with all your team and improve your customer service levels by using Agility Mobile Solutions. Actively deploy work to your team and external contractors through Agility on their mobile devices. Work can be accepted, previous job history referenced, and photographs can be taken of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ situation – even customer signatures can be captured as a sign of the job being done to their satisfaction.

Agility is definitely the way forward as consumers’ and clients’ expectations of the service levels they should be receiving grow, it is increasingly important for our customers that they can provide up-to-date progress reports, and that is where Agility is one step ahead of the competition.

Jason Jarrard, Managing Director, JAYLEC

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