Agility IWMS Solutions are being used by state-of-the-art healthcare facilities around the globe to manage hard and soft services.


Agility IWMS Solutions
in Healthcare

Providing a single, stable and flexible operational platform capable of interfacing with multiple other systems to create an ecosystem of data that can be audited and interrogated.

We have a number of examples of how our Agility IWMS solutions have been successfully integrated with other healthcare facilities.

“Our Healthcare credentials are second to none, as an organisation we’ve provided ground-breaking solutions across the entire organisation, enabling the creation of real eco-systems of data which lead to improvements in efficiencies and the patient experience”

James MacPherson, Director ASPAC

Forth Valley Hospital

Serco Health, who manage the Forth Valley Hospital in Scotland, use Agility to manage hard and soft services. Watch the above report from BBC News which showcases the work done by SoftSols Group to co-ordinate the activities of the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) fleet of  around the hospital.

Read the Forth Valley Hospital Case Study

Fiona Stanley Hospital

Fiona Stanley Hospital uses Agility to co-ordinate and maximise service efficiencies. Managing over 80,000 service requests per month, Agility manages hard and soft services across the entire Fiona Stanley Hospital 200,000m2 site. The hospital is a complex environment, with 783 patient beds, 3600 parking spaces, and 4000 clinical and 1000 support staff.

Read the Fiona Stanley Hospital Case Study


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