Mobile Solutions


Manage your maintenance and service requests anytime, anywhere.


Agility Mobile Solutions bring Agility straight to your mobile device – so you can react to situations, anywhere and anytime.

Whether you’re dealing with an urgent open help desk request, manufacturing downtime, a waiting patient or emergency call out, they all mean one thing: cost. Cost in lost production or through the consequences of missed SLAs. If you want to be able to recognise and react to situations instantly, then you need Agility Mobile Solutions. Each member of your team will be able to action and log incidents as they occur, shortening response times, maximising service levels and production output.

Benefits of Agility Mobile Solutions

  • reduce administration
  • reduce the time and cost of printing and paper
  • reduce wasted travel time
  • identify true costs – track the exact time taken on a job
  • improve communication across your team
  • reduce errors and duplication – capture information and readings
  • track each engineer’s time – giving accurate job cost and labour tracking
  • provide an automatic audit trail


Using Agility Mobile Solutions allows you to:

  • do work on the move, raise work directly from the mobile device
  • access documents and work history to improve completion times
  • add comments to work facilitating future quicker resolution
  • take photographs to illustrate assets and before and after situations
  • capture customer signatures as work is completed
  • work in both on & offline situations




As Agility is browser based, this is the simplest way to access Agility whilst on the move, giving seamless access to the full range of features. Within Agility Mobile Solutions we have a range of solutions that can be installed directly onto handheld devices, so depending on your requirements and technology preferences we have a range of products to help you manage your work on the move. Contact us to find out more.


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