• Is Agility available as a hosted solution?

    Yes, we appreciate that some clients want us to manage the entire Agility system, including the infrastructure, and so we provide Agility as a hosted solution. Hosted clients receive some additional benefits, such as automatic upgrades, over those who choose to install Agility on a local server.

  • What is IWMS?

    IWMS stands for Integrated Workplace Management System, where a system is used to manage work and process flow across entire sites. Typically IWMS solutions require integration with other systems to take data captured in one system and pass it through to another. IWMS solutions create a real eco-system of data, which then enables detailed performance analysis to be undertaken.

  • What is a CAFM?

    CAFM stands for Computerised Aided Facilities Management and refers to a software system that allows the facility, its assets, and resources to be efficiently managed. The recent further development of CAFM systems has led to the new generation of systems called IWMS, Integrated Workplace Management Systems, which enable each facility to operate an intelligent eco-system.

  • What is a CMMS?

    CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management System, these systems hold significant advantages over traditional paper-based management methods. Core to any CMMS is the asset register around which planned and reactive work can be created and scheduled.

  • Can I use Agility on my tablet?

    Yes, as Agility is browser-based, providing you have an internet connection you can work with Agility from any mobile device. We also provide Agility as an app for installation directly onto the mobile device specifically for those who are part of a site roaming or field-based team and need to receive work. Our mobile solutions are constantly developing new features so contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • What platforms are supported in Agility Mobile Solutions?

    Within Agility Mobile Solutions we have solutions for devices running Android and Windows Mobile which can be found on some of the more robust and industrial types of PDA. Please contact us if you require a detailed feature list for our Mobile Solutions or if you’d like to discuss your requirements.

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